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Kim G.

Yatai Sushi is awesome! I hired them to cater a small (25 people) party at my home. The sushi chef arrived early and set up a professional sushi cart on my back lanai and donned a yukata, Before the party started he even asked if we were expecting children at the party (we were) and offered to add spam sushi to the menu if we had a can of spam handy. He added his own sauce and it was a hit with the kids. The sushi rolls he made were fresh and delicious… towards the end he started making “super rolls” as we called them- delicious off the menu concoctions of the ingredients he brought. During times when there was no line, he made lots of sushi so no one would have to wait when they came up! The chef was friendly and awesome. Worth every penny. My husband and his friends can be “sushi snobs” and they were raving about Yatai! Can’t wait to have an occasion to hire them again. 🙂